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What Is The Usefulness of Hard Knotted Rugs?

The market is soaked with various and different ranges of hard knotted rugs. The process of manufacturing hard knot carpets and rugs is an ancient process. The quality of hard knot rugs is unbeatable. Such rugs have stood the test of time and are a huge investment. They provide integrity and longevity and also provide the best method of showcasing different color selections and contemporary designs.

All hard knotted rugs and carpets are made by hand. All knots in hard-knot rugs are done using hands, but for centuries rugs have been weaved using the hand-craft tools. Creating one carpet is using the expertise layers is incredible besides the weaving processes intricacies. The process starts with hand spinning raw yarn, then it is colored and finally to the complex mapping of the main design that forms the weavers template to work from and lastly to the finish. It is an art because the carpet is carefully trimmed to the right heights, the design elements are carved, and then the edges are stitched.

It is impossible to unravel the knot count. There is proper duplication of color and design for every knot in the carpet. The intention of manufacturing hard knot rugs is so that they can last forever. Carpet manufacturers make sure the color and designs are reproduced faithfully without much considering the finished product. Unlike in the manmade fibers, in natural fibers are directed silk and wool. In manmade fibers there is a depth and softness that sharply contrasts the assertiveness of colored synthetics. In graded carpets, hand-knotting is different in its kind because of the slight shift of selected tones.

There is some luxury that comes with hard knotted woolen and silk rugs. The luxury that is found in the 100 knots per square in hand-knotted rugs is not replicable through machine methods or man-made fibers. There is lustre and decadent found in these rugs that greatly contribute to the design’s rug. Hard knot rugs do not have a flat feel instead there is a quality feel and also a density pile as a result of the material used that increase the dram and color intensity of the final rug.

Hard knotted rugs are naturally unique. You can get a rug of your preference using the right wool mix, design color choice and size. Do not forget that even with the correct recreation of the knots there is no similarity of handmade rugs. Color dye affects natural fibers separately. How the color tones react to the hand-knotted rugs is in itself unique. You cannot deliberately produce this phenomenon.


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